Just Keep It

no body knows
whats deep in my heart
only me and GOD knows
what is really in my heart
too many things
that messy
in my mind and my heart
why i just keep it in my heart???
why dont me tell others???
who should i tell???
should i tell them???
did they want to hear me???
i dont want to make any trouble on them
maybe for them
i just a burden for them
i always make a mistake with them
always be wrong
so thats why i decide
i will just keep it in my heart
i miss my memory
i miss my love
i miss my soul
i miss all of it
i forget all of it
about my life
about my love about my family
just because of it
i hope that i will get
a positive feedback
it just a dream
i am alone
really alone
just wait for MY TIME
i know nobody cares bout me

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